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5 key etiquettes you should maintain in online classes:Netiquette rules can be defined as a collection of guidelines that define what constitutes appropriate and respectful online conduct. One of the key reasons we need these guidelines is to teach people how to talk politely without being disrespectful or intimidating. With the pandemic in situation, education has mostly shifted to online. Students are taking all sorts of classes like icse online classes, engineering preparation classes and more digitally. Having a couple of ground etiquettes can make the entire process keep up its gravitas even when they are learning over a screen.

1. Check out your tone

Often times, if you are typing something in all capital letter it can come out as yelling. Or, a joke can be perceived as a snide remark. Even in audio or video, do not talk over someone which is often translated as rude.

2. Do your search first

In discussing assignments, make sure to do your research first and then ask your classmates or teacher. Do not waste time with queries which are available on school website.

3. Using proper grammar

It is vital that you resort to proper grammar and punctuation so not just to show your sincerity but also making your text readable. A well framed sentence is easier to comprehend than when you are using urban acronyms when communicating with your teacher.

4. Stay on topic

It's important that everyone remains on track while there's a discussion going on. It's easy to get sidetracked from the initial discussion, particularly when there are a lot of people involved. Adding extra details to a conversation will waste time and make it difficult for others to understand what the conversation is actually about.

5. Make clear and concise points

In contrast to face-to-face experiences, taking too long to get to the point can cause the message to be lost in text. As a result, when attempting to describe something, it is best to use simple, concise sentences. It conveys the message more clearly and eliminates the possibility of misunderstandings. STH is the first e-learning platform that has successfully registered itself with government e-marketplace and supports digital skilling. With over 100 trainers and 50000 students, it is a popular and user friendly learning management system.

Posted: June 10, 2021 Categories: Smart Teaching Hub Author: Sth Team

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