How Teachers Irrespective Of Their Fields Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Everyone has a different learning process. Learners can have various, behavioural patterns, understanding curve and learning capabilities. It is for this reason that no students are alike. While some students function efficiently in a classroom situation, others might require extra attention to nurture their potential.A diligent and positive student and teacher relationship can be a life-changing experience for both. A good teacher is someone who not only teaches their subjects but also takes it upon themselves to mentor the young kids to grow into fine adults.Due to current times, the entire teaching community shifted to online teaching methods. Irrespective of their teaching methods, every tutor is responsible for shaping and mentoring a young child’s future. These young minds, then grow up to be the leaders and pioneers in. their field of choice.We have listed some of the greatest pioneers of our time who dedicate a major part of their success to their childhood teachers.Your favourite teacher can come across through a subject, a sport, in a classroom, in your online home tuition, or as a random stranger who you met on your way to work.Let’s take a look at how teachers across all phases of life helped these great minds find their true potential:

1. • Maya Angelou:

Maya Angelou, the famous American poet and civil right activist is a part of school curriculums across the globe. She has gone on record saying that it was Miss Bertha Flowers, her local teacher who inculcated the love for poetry in Maya. Mrs Flowers helped Maya regain her lost confidence from childhood traumas, which made Maya achieve happiness and mental stability.

2. • Oprah Winfrey:

A household name for every talk show lover, Oprah Winfrey is the host of the popular American daytime show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her eclectic smile and knowledgeable yet witty pieces of advice made her a crowd favourite and an idol that young girls look up to. Oprah went on the record numerous times to mention Mrs Mary Alice Duncan was her favourite teacher and how she was responsible for imbibing within her learning capabilities, and the power of self-belief. Mrs Duncan featured in Oprah’s television talk show several times where her audience witnessed their beautiful, honest, and positive relationship.

3. • Bill Gates:

Bill Gates is one of the most recognisable names in the world. The co-developer of Microsoft Corporation is also a philanthropist, a business magnate and a soft developer. In his notes published, Mr Gates acknowledges the contribution of his librarian Blanche Caffiere who instilled within him, his love for reading and learning. He also claims that Mrs Caffiere helped him find his strength and polish them further.

4. • Sachin Tendulkar:

Often synonymised with God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is a greatest of all time in cricket. His record-shattering capabilities and ground-breaking performances are responsible for his massive fan following across the globe. However, the person behind all of this magic is Mr Ramakanth Achrekar, Sachin’s cricket coach in Shivaji Park, Mumbai. Their tales of long hours of practice, mischievousness, the punishments that followed, and his growth is known by all of his fans. This is one of the most famous teacher-student relationships of all time. These are just some examples of how the best teachers can come to you in different walks of life. Even though the current times require you to shift to online home tuitions as opposed to traditional classroom sessions, there is no difference in the teacher’s ability to shape the lives of little children. While these famous personalities found their life-changing teachers in libraries, cricket fields, drama clubs, and likes, you can even find yours in your next online class. At Smart Teaching Hub, we take pride in the network of our teachers, who do not just teach but also contribute towards shaping their lives. We connect young minds to their dream teachers, who help them grow into responsible adults.

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