Challenges That Students Appearing For Annual Exams Can Overcome With Online Classes

For a long time, India has been a boiling container of pressure ruled school curriculums. These hectic learning schedules often tend to render students overwhelmed, which in turn hinders with their performance.According to the studies published by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, one child in every five teenagers is either going through depression or severe anxiety. World Health Organisation (WHO), defines mental health as a state of mental happiness and well-being. This allows the individual to cope up with pressure and work diligently towards finding their true potential. Sadly, very few Indian students manage to achieve the same due to excessive pressure, suppressed dreams, and giving up tendencies.The examination patterns of schools, colleges, and other competitive platforms are designed to check the subjective performance of students. Even though it might be helpful for many students, for some students it can be very pressurising. Every parent wishes to see their children become an engineer, doctor, or lawyer. However, the fear of rejection instils nervousness among students applying for annual or competitive exams.Following are some of the ways online teaching can help students overcome tense situations sparing the nerves getting the best of them:

1. • Self-Paced Learning with Flexibility:

Online courses provide you with the luxury of choosing time slots for your classes according to your preference. It allows students to learn at their comfortable place, ridding them off the rush to complete the syllabus. Every student learns at their own pace, patterns, and methods.

2. • Improved Communication Skills:

One of the major problems faced by youngsters is their lack of communication skills. Some students feel shy among their classmates to raise a query in a traditional classroom setting. One-on-one attention and last-minute problems solving sessions with some of the best teachers, help students to boost their confidence and communication skills.

3. • Better Development of Self-Discipline:

Online courses require persistency and commitment. Smart teaching demands you to learn time-management skills, segmenting your tasks and leisure time according to your preference. Scheduling is a lifelong skill which increases your work efficiency and performance. It helps you in achieving great things in life. A well-set routine can do wonders to students appearing for exams, both in the traditional classroom setting or at their home, on their laptops. These are just some of the numerous ways online teaching helps students ease their pressurised schedules. Major online teaching platforms like Smart Teaching Hub employs some of the most reputed star teachers for their students. With one-on-one problem-solving sessions, ease of accessibility, and 24x& availability of study materials, platforms like STH can prove to be helpful for students appearing for their annual or mid-term examinations.

Posted: February 28, 2021 Categories: Smart Teaching Hub Author: Sth Team

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