Challenges Faced By Class 12 Students With Online Classes

Class 12 exams are practically the most stressful period for students. Most students prepare for comparative exams while preparing for their board exams simultaneously. With difficult curricula, assignments, and projects on their table, often they find it difficult to stay focused. Due to Covid-19, every student is now dealing with online classes, virtual doubt-clearing sessions, soft copy of study materials and above all the problem of the communication gap between their teachers and themselves.As easy as read your notes thoroughly sounds, it is difficult for students to sit in front of their computers for hours to study.Here is a list of some of the few challenges faced by class 12 students face while studying and preparing online for their exams:

1. Technical and Network Issues

Firstly, as almost every student across the globe is trying to prepare for their exams online, there is immense traffic. This slows down the overall internet speed, which in turn leads to buffering and stressed out environments for students. Other than network lagging, most students don't have an adequate system that meets the requirements for online classes, assignments, and project submissions. This disparity leads to distraction and other problems.

2. Distractions

One of the most primary challenges students of class 12 face while studying online is distractions. Even though students in class 12 are of mature age, it is pretty easy for them to get distracted. This happens mostly because of the change in their studying environment. On top of that, studying online means they are just a tab away to start surfing through their social media accounts and playing computer games.

3. Lack of Personal Interaction

Almost every class 12 student of the batch were used to the traditional method of classroom teaching. Shifting from that to a completely remote setup have proven to be a drastic change for these students. Student during traditional classroom teaching had a quick problem-solving advantage, which becomes trouble when the entire learning system is shifted online. Even though every teacher tries their best to reach out to their students, network issues, lack of interest, and other reasons prove to be a major threat.

4. Staying Motivated

During classroom teaching, students had to adhere to a strict set of rules. This included rules for discipline, presence in class, and many more. However, due to online classes, students do not get the motivation to be present during the classes. One of the main reasons for this being, studying from home. As the home is one's personal space without a set of rules to follow, higher secondary students struggle to leave their beds and sit in front of their computers for hours.

5. Uncertainty

The sudden shift from traditional classes to online studying forum was so abrupt, it was responsible for the rise in the number of anxiety attacks and nervous breakdown among students. This shift also raised multiple questions about the future of their careers. These are just some of the many problems that higher secondary students are now facing while preparing for their board and entrance exams. Some of the online teaching giants like Smart Teaching Hub provides extensive study materials and last-minute doubt clearing sessions to help students combat their struggles. From being able to choose their perfect teacher to a set time for their classes based on their preferences, STH provides students with numerous solutions to some common problems faced by them.

Posted: March 23, 2021 Categories: Smart Teaching Hub Author: Sth Team

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