5 Tips To Consider While Preparing For Exams

As the exam season is already here, the time of stress for students is also here. While studying hard is the key to scoring good marks in exams, some students find it difficult to sit down with their textbooks for a prolonged period. With the majority of classes under ICSE, CBSE, and other state boards have shifted online, the communication gap between teachers and students are at an all-time high. Students need to take up ways of studying that they are comfortable with.Completing your curriculum is the most critical task before any exam, and that too within a stipulated period. It is important to realize that studying for 12-14 hours a day doesn’t guarantee good results if the student is not mentally present after 45 minutes of sitting down. Therefore, it is always wise to implement smart work instead of hard work.Let us discuss some examination tips for students, which will help them excel in their academics:

1. Early Preparations

Starting your exam preparations early will give not only allow you to complete your syllabus quickly but also provide you with time plenty of time for revisions and mock-up tests. Revising is a key element of preparations. Most students tend to avoid this process and believe memorizing their study materials are enough. Saving time for revising will help you clarify last moment doubts and will provide you with clarity of the subject.

2. Clear the Clutter

As cliched as it sounds, a clean study space facilitates easier learning. Organising your notes, textbooks, and stationery will not only be pleasing for you to sit down and study but also spare you from stressful moments of finding that piece of paper with important notes. It should be every student’s priority to study in a comfortable environment. A comfortable and organized study space allows students to stay focused with minimal distractions.

3. Revisit Past Year Exam Papers

Practising and solving past year exam papers is one of the most effective ways of preparing for exams. These papers will allow students to get accustomed to the format and structure of their upcoming question papers. It is also a wise decision to record the time taken to solve these past year question papers. This will help you increase your writing and solving speeds.

4. Treat Yourself with Rewards

Making a routine with achievable goals for your study schedule is important. Setting up a reward system upon achieving these goals is equally important. These rewards can be simple fifteen breaks where you go for a walk, it can also be a chocolate or milkshake break. These incentives help students refresh their minds, taking their focus away for a brief period.

5. Study According to Your Style

Every student has a different style of studying. Some might flourish by memorising their note. Others might find auditory learning easier. Identifying the comfortable approach and using it to learn and understand the curriculum might be extremely helpful for students. Auditory learners can use a recording of the notes, while visual learners can incorporate diagrams, flow-charts, and pictures for their ease. While these are some mere suggestions to help students prepare for their exams, there is no shortcut to success. Various online teaching platforms like Smart Teaching Hub teaches students of CBSE, ICSE, and other state boards provide them with study materials, clears their last-minute doubts with the help of coveted teachers from all across the country.

Posted: March 23, 2021 Categories: Smart Teaching Hub Author: Sth Team

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