Long gone are those days when you could correspond simply via sharing PDFs and doc files. Now the online teaching process is more intricate and comprehensive. The major challenge is to make the online learning platform more interactive and demands a holistic approach.Minor tweaks cannot improve the overall learner’s experience. Nowadays, the approach needs to be more dynamic and the primary objective is to make students feel that they are not learning through a virtual classroom. They should feel that it’s like a normal classroom that is accessible, convenient, and practical at the same time.Needless to say that multiple collaboration tools have greatly helped education businesses gain better traction online. The emerging technologies, namely, IoT, SaaS, and PaaS have helped institutions outsource everyday tasks to always accessible and interactive digital platforms.A dynamic virtual platform must incorporate state-of-the-art tools to help teachers make online learning a fruitful and reciprocating approach. Here are the top 5 smart tools that savvy teachers prefer to enhance their virtual classroom experience :

1. One to One Video Feed and Chat Box

Your e-classroom can really thrive when there is an interactive visible platform to connect your students with you. Having a video feed helps you in a great way to communicate with each other, and feel so much as if you were right there with all your students in the class. On the other hand, Chat boxes are a smart addition to the video feed. It helps you in providing key notes and links in the middle of the session. Also, students can jot down their queries and questions in the chat box so you can check them during or after the session.

2. Progress Reports

As we all know that every student has a different way to learn and exhibit understanding, hence progress reports are a great way to understand more about a student rather than just speculations. The best way to do so is to provide regular assessments and track progress reports. A smart learning platform is best suited to give you better insights into the student.

3. Audio and Video-Embedded E-Books

Enhance the overall learning with handy study materials such as audio books and video content. Usually a student might not be able to reach you all the time and this is when e-books, audio recordings and visual content rise to the occasion. Students can refer to them whenever they want and it’ll also reduce the time for explaining smaller elements of the topic.

4. Assessments

Asking your students to complete assessments is the best way to assess their progress. Conducting online assessments will help you track how well a student is progressing in a particular course as well as give you a practical insight regarding how to improve their overall score.

5. Training Feedback System

Constant feedback can help you improve your teaching methods, helping your students get the best of your knowledge and experience. Many students lack in their academics because they couldn’t convey their problems to the teacher. Session feedback can help resolve this in no time. You can get to know what’s working and what is not just by acknowledging the learner’s feedback.

Posted: February 02, 2021 Categories: Smart Teaching Hub Author: Sth Team

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